There are a variety of handouts and other resources I generally make available to students taking this class. Here, for the online version, I’m going to put them on this page and periodically refer you to specific pieces.

rubric for evaluating a portfolio

rubric for evaluating a learning unit

my “triads of learning” handout

my appreciative inquiry process

a useful and brief developmental chart

Benjamin Bloom’s C/A/P verbs

Jane Vella’s multiple intelligence verbs

Jane Vella’s 12 principles for learning

Definitions of spirituality and religious education

a rubric for six facets of understanding (Wiggins & McTighe)

understanding by design introduction

brief list of adult learning intentions

the visio divina process

the story circle process

theological reflection with a commercial

theological reflection in context

Faith Factors research

a definition of discernment

core/cluster questions

Parker Palmer’s grace of great things

Parker Palmer’s paradoxes of learning design

Parker Palmer’s epistemological images

Selected quotations from Parker Palmer

Mary Boys’ mapping grid

Deb Bogaert’s Questions gone bad handout for writers of bible studies

Book of Faith resources

Ways to engage the Book of Faith project

Bible study methods (a summary of various processes)

An example of putting together a handout for Bible study

Vicky Goplin’s curriculum evaluation handout

Vicky Goplin’s small group resource eval handout

Craig Dykstra’s evaluation as collaborative inquiry

a definition of a responsible imagination

Lord’s Prayer dance anthem

a glossary of words important to our study in this class

an example of a scope and sequence chart for religious education

examples of learning goals for children in religious education

safe sanctuaries information about supporting children

resources for engaging in difficult conversations

American Family Assets study

becoming a faith formation curator

ELCA Youth Ministry Network guidelines and standards

John Roberto’s discussion of the eight driving forces

Lifelong Faith journal back archive

resources for engaging truth seeking and truth telling around the agony of Native American boarding schools in the US

Resources students have offered over the years

a short YouTube video featuring Sir Ken Robinson on education

a lecture on solitude and leadership