Mapping Exercise

Context mapping, learning event/program evaluation (due Dec. 17)

This assignment has three goals:

  1. to reflect concretely upon the book you chose to use as your foundation text

  2. to describe and reflect upon a specific congregational context (preferably your contextual education site, but another congregation can be chosen with my input)

  3. to practice using the principles found in your core foundation text, as well as Vella’s principles and the learning unit evaluation rubric (available here: to consider a specific learning event or curriculum in your context

Towards that end, this assignment needs to include at least the following elements:

  1. a clear reference to, and explanation of, your author’s core definition of religious education

  2. a description of your context which describes how, if at all, each of the five arenas of learning we studied (koinonia, didache, leiturgia, kerygma and diakonia) are present in your congregational context; and then which, if any, of Roberto’s four scenarios are present, and if they are, being engaged

  3. a description, and evaluation using Vella’s principles and others found within your core foundation textbook, of a specific learning event or curriculum in use in your congregational context

  4. thoughtful reflection upon your context with recommendations for future innovation