Reviewing a resource

To complete the assignment of reviewing one resource at FeAutor, you must first find a resource you’re interested in and then check with me to make sure no one else from the class has already chosen it to review. In other words, it’s a “first come, first served” process for reviews. Once you’ve cleared with me the resource you want to review, you’ll need to look at it carefully in light of the various tools you’ll be introduced to in this class. Those include the Vella principles, the Bloom list of verbs, the Boys grid, the Wiggins/McTighe rubric, and the various evaluation elements present in the books we’re reading.

Once you’ve done that analysis, you need to compose a short review and post it on FeAutor. I’d suggest you do this “off line” and simply cut and paste it into the resource’s entry at FeAutor when you’re ready.

Your review should be no more than 500 words, and should make clear your overall judgement about the contribution. Your review should note how at least one of the tools we’ve studied would support your review. You need to include at least three reasons for your judgement. In other words, if you like the piece, three reasons why you do. Or if you don’t, three reasons why you don’t. Or perhaps two reasons why you like it, and one limitation you think it has. If you can think of a particular context in which the contribution would work well or definitely should not be used, that counts as one reason.

Don’t forget to note how many stars you’d give the piece by clicking on the appropriate number of stars. If you can add an appropriate tag or two to the piece, that earns you extra points with me!