Ed1 Online

You’ve reached an archived website for an older version of EL1515 online. This class is now offered solely through MyLutherNet at Luther Seminary. I’ve left the old version up, however, as students have asked me to do so. You’re welcome to draw on this site in any way you find useful! But if you’re a current student at Luther taking this class, please remember that the course’s most recent materials are in MyLutherNet.

A brief introduction to supporting learning communities in Christian contexts.

Here are the required texts we’ve used:

And then one that you choose from this list:

And another book that you choose from this list:

We’ve also used the following:

  • A Time for Burning (film, available at NetFlix, Amazon.com and in the library)
  • “Grilled Cheezus” (an episode of the TV show Glee, available through iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Instant video, Amazon DVD, and other sources)

As this is the first EL course in the MDiv sequence, students begin to develop a portfolio using the educational leadership competencies I use to evaluate that portfolio.