Choice Spirit

Each of you comes from a specific context, with a unique personal history and with a distinctive vocation. In designing this learning environment I am seeking to provide as much flexibility as I can, while still creating a space in which we can learn together. In addition to the core foundation text I asked you to choose, I am also requiring that you choose from the following list of books that attend to the practice of faith with a particular emphasis on the Spirit.

If you are new to the study of religious education, I would recommend that you choose the first book on the list (edited by Dorothy Bass). If you have significant experience, then one of the other books might allow you to stretch and challenge yourself further.

Practicing Our Faith, Dorothy Bass, ed.

This is a classic text which describes 12 practices that are neither creedal nor liturgical in function, but which shape and define Christian faith over time and in various contexts.

Greenhouses of Hope, Dori Baker, ed.

This is an edited collection of essays that describe a variety of churches who have found ways to tend to faith and hope, particularly with and for young people, in a context of difficult challenges.

Finding God in the Graffiti, Frank Rogers

This is a wonderful new book which explores Christian education through various forms of storytelling with youth, and provides a host of useful examples and pragmatic ways to go about supporting storytelling as a form of faith formation.