How to use FeAutor is a relatively new web resource set up to make the publishing and sharing of religious resources easier across multiple contexts and multiple languages.

To get started using it, you will need to register with the site. This is a free and easy process, and only requires a legitimate email address (to which your first password will be sent).

Once you’re registered you can use all of the site’s features. (Without registering you can still search and download, but you can’t tag, review or upload.) During this class you will be uploading/publishing a contribution.

The ELCA regional resource directors have created two handy little introductory videos on using the site: this one explains how to use the site more generally, and this one explains how to contribute a resource (although you will be contributing to the site more generally, not through the regional resource group, so you will not need to seek publication approval through them).

Notice that you can navigate the site in multiple languages. Choose the language you want to use by using the “drop down” menu at the top. I’d be happy to have you review or contribute a resource in your native language. Just get in touch with me if it’s not a language the site currently supports (those are: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Korean).

You will need to use this site to complete one of your assignments: contributing a resource. (hidden treasure found)