How to contribute a resource to FeAutor

There are two challenges to this assignment: finding the piece to contribute, and the technical challenge of posting it. On the second challenge, the ELCA regional resource directors have posted a short video that explains the process of contributing a resource to FeAutor. Keep in mind, however, that for this class you are not submitting THROUGH their process, but only more directly to the site itself. If you have any further questions about that process, or run into problems doing so, just check with me.

The first challenge, finding the resource, is the most difficult one. Part of leading learning in any setting is finding the appropriate resources for that learning. I hope you’ve already begun to think about what a curriculum is. This assignment asks you to find one piece of appropriate content to share with others.

There are multiple ways to do this. I’m perfectly happy if you can find a resource someone has already created that they’re willing to publish to FeAutor. If that’s the case, then your assignment is simply to get it published and review it. (Note: that means that you are publishing someone else’s work WITH THEIR PERMISSION, and then posting a review on that publication at the site). Most of the time educational leaders in various contexts are working with “pre-printed” curriculum materials, and their challenge is choosing rather than creating.

By far the majority of you, however, will want to create your own resource. Here is a page with some prompts for doing so. In the past a lot of students have particularly enjoyed creating the song meditation, a task that is relatively easy using either iPhoto (and its Quicktime export feature), or one of the Windows equivalents.

Another popular option has been creating a learning unit or resource of some kind as part of work you’re doing in another class. For instance, you might be studying a particular text in Pentateuch, and come up with an outline for an hour long adult study on that text in your class. I’m happy for you to contribute something you’ve created for another class, although I will appreciate it if you tell me that that’s what you’ve done (some of us on the faculty are trying to find ways to coordinate our learning designs so that work can overlap well).

Once you’ve published your piece, please don’t forget to send me the URL