Choice Book Essay

Choice book essay instructions (due December 2)

This assignment has three goals:

  1. to reflect concretely upon the book you chose to use as your foundation text

  2. to work with a classic piece of content from within your specific denomination/tradition (for most Lutherans, I recommend Luther’s Small Catechism)

  3. to practice building a learning unit, using the principles found in your choice text, as well as Vella’s principles and the learning unit evaluation rubric

Towards that end, this essay needs to include at least the following elements:

  1. a clear reference to, and explanation of, your author’s core definition of religious education

  2. a rationale for why you chose the “classic piece of content” that you did (this rationale will likely explain why this is “classic” within your tradition, and what about the context you are writing for makes this a good choice)

  3. an explanation, using Vella’s principles, for how your plan for engaging this content makes good sense for learning in this context

Before you hand in this assignment, please take a quick look at the learning unit rubric and consider how well your plan would embody the elements found there.