This cluster of questions focuses on how insights into human development that come from the social sciences can help us in religious education.

  1. Start by reading the booklet entitled Nurturing Faith, which is found in e-reserves.
  2. Now, consider the situation, exercise or other materials under consideration for this week. In what ways can developmental theory (that’s what is explored in the booklet), be helpful to you as analyze the focus text/event?
  3. What is the most important thing your small group has learned so far, in relation to this week’s focus text/event?
  4. Finally, compose a summary of your deliberation and post it to the course blog for this week’s focus situation.
  5. For extra credit, you could look for resources that would help to shed light on the focus situation, or that would help an educator prepare appropriate interventions for different age groups in various of the four Faith 20/20 quadrants. Possible resource sites this week include: your denominational sites, Augsburg Fortress e-materials (accessible to you as a student), teacher handbooks from any curriculum you respect