Some possible things to create for FeAutor

Take one of your favorite pop culture songs and read it theologically. Create a multimedia piece that attaches images and words to the song. It’s easy to do this using iMovie on the Mac, or one of the Windows equivalents. Export the piece into a .mov (quicktime) file and publish it. Here is an example from a former student. (Note: this was published at YouTube, because FeAutor didn’t exist at the time it was created.)

Choose your favorite TV show and write a set of study questions for it that get at a particular theological concept. Here is an example from a former student. (The recent episode of Glee entitled “grilled cheezus” would be an appropriate choice.)

Put together a six week film series for theological reflection. Which films would you choose? What study questions would you use? What would be the rhythm for each session?

Create the outline for an hour long adult study on a particular bible text. If you choose this idea, make sure that you preface the study by explaining what the best context for its use would be, and what method you’re seeking to employ.

Write a song for use by kids trying to memorize the Apostle’s Creed (or some other similar text).

Write out the instructions for an appropriate craft activity that helps little kids to learn a specific bible story. Be sure to point out the appropriate context, and what materials will be needed. (hidden treasure found)

Write a liturgy for use on a particular day in the liturgical calendar — perhaps a saint’s commemoration, or a festival.

etc. etc. etc.

Please note that if you create something by mashing together images, music, video that other people have created, that you need to appropriately credit them in the end credits of whatever you create. Just as you would with a research paper, you need to give credit where credit is due! NOT doing so is problematic in the extreme, so if you have questions or concerns, please check with me ahead of publishing to Feautor.