Basic Information

How to reach Prof. Mary Hess

E-mail is always the quickest and easiest way to find me: mhess at luthersem dot edu

You can also try to reach me by phone at 651-641-3232, or you can contact the faculty secretary at Luther (if all else fails) 651-641-3209.

Also — please feel free to call me Mary!

Specific tech help

For help on MyLutherNet or with anything having to do with the Luther Seminary network, contact the Help Desk (651-641-3462) or

Good advice to keep in mind

Here’s some advice from previous participants in this class, offered through the final section of their portfolio:

  • don’t worry if this class feels strange to you Δ for me it was a very unfamiliar way to learn, but it works!
  • don’t get behind in your reading, it’s fun Δ and getting too far behind means that you won’t understand what’s going on
  • if you can do the reading and book quizzes ahead of time — do so!
  • take Mary up on her offer of feedback Δ she’s willing to look at anything you want to share
  • don’t hide your questions, some of the best discussion we got into came from what somebody thought was a “stupid” question
  • take course books with you to the bus stop (they’re great reading to do even when you’re not very focused)
  • if your small group is having problems, ask someone for help
  • don’t blink, or you’ll miss it!