Personal Essay

Self Reflection essay instructions (due November 4)

Reflect on your own experience with, and history of, religious education. In doing so, please make sure that you answer at least the following questions:

(1) How did you come to know yourself as a person of faith?

(2) What are your earliest memories of someone sharing the stories of God with you?

(3) What kinds of experiences strengthened that faith, what kinds of experiences have challenged it?

(4) Which of the four scenarios that Roberto identifies have you found yourself within (you may well have been in each of them at some point in your life, or in various contexts within your journey).

(5) As you look over the educational leadership competencies, which ones most intrigue you? Which ones are you already familiar with? Which ones do you think will be the most challenging for you to complete?

(6) And finally, what is your current vision of educational leadership for faith?