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Adaptive Action, Faith and Learning: Leading Towards Transformation (STM5910)

Adult Development and Christian Life (EL3528)

Children of Many Cultures and Contexts (EL3537)

Christian Education and Dismantling Racism (EL3539)

Christian Public Leader: Who is My Neighbor? (SG0502)

Congregational Care and Formation (CG525)

Contemporary Issues in Religious Ed (EL3532)

Designing Learning in the Global Theological Academy (GR8652)

Educational Ministry (MN3041)

Foundations of Educational Leadership (EL4522)

Gospel & Global Media Culture (IC2643)

Gospel and Cultures (CL8530)

Gospel and Global Media Cultures (McCormick 2012)

Introduction to Christian Education (EL1515)

Introduction to Christian Education (Online) (EL1515 Online)

Leading Adaptive Action in Communities of Faith (DM6023)

Learning in the Presence of Other Faiths (EL3541)

Making Faith Sense (Lay School 2008)

Missional Leadership in a Professional Setting (LD0530)

New Media in Faith Education (EL3517)

New Media in Faith Education (EL4535)

Proactive Ministry in a Media Culture (EL4548)

Proactive Ministry in a Media Culture (EL4515)

Religion and Media (LTSG 4.400)

Religious Education in Relation to Creation (EL4532)

Teaching and Learning Bible with Adults (IC2642)


Children's Spirituality (CSC Workshop)

Leadership In Digital Culture Workshop (United Workshop)

Resources for Intergroup Dialogue (Race and Grace Workshop)

Southeastern Iowa Synod Fall Theological Conference (Ames Workshop)

Teaching Intensives at Luther: Workshop resources (Teaching Intensives Workshop)


Hein Fry Lecture (Hein Fry Lecture)

NALM Institute for Lay Ministry Formation Directors (NALM Presentations)

National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE Presentation)

National Association of Catechetical Media Professionals (NACMP Presentations)

New Faculty Roundtable: Online Learning (ATS Presentation 10/13/2018)