Proactive Ministry in a Media Culture

Proactive Ministry in a Media Culture

EL4548, Luther Seminary, Spring 2022

    This course explores myriad challenges raised by media cultures for communities of faith. Questions of digital presence, communicative practices in digital cultures, constructive theological approaches to digital divides and other issues of justice, and positive use of diverse media in worship and mission are engaged. Here is a print version of the syllabus

    Course Objectives

    The following learning objectives have been arrived at through the research and work of scholars involved in developing a digital literacies toolkit for nurturing culturally competent communication and leadership in ministry.

    We work on helping to:

    • navigate hybrid and digital cultures
    • convene hybrid and digital community
    • maintain a posture of experimentation
    • cultivate a spiritually wise habitus
    • present authentically and pastorally online
    • connect theology and media theory
    • create and curate faith-based media artifacts