Designing Learning in the Global Theological Academy

Designing Learning in the Global Theological Academy

gr8652, Luther Seminary, Spring 2023

    Recognizing the important inter-relationships between content, context, and curriculum, this course provides a substantial introduction to learning design and practice. Topics include syllabus construction (development of outcomes, contextual challenges, learner particularities, assignments, etc.) as well as broader pedagogical challenges (e.g., education for [trans]formation, relationships between classroom and context, possible roles played by digital media, professional identity in the global theological academy, and so on). Students will produce a full course syllabus and accompanying essay, session notes, and example content presentation in consultation with their faculty advisor and appropriate to their context. Students will implement this design later in the degree program, as a requirement prior to receiving the PhD.

    Here is a print version of the syllabus.

    Course Objectives

    • To increase proficiency with concepts and literature central to each student’s area of specialization.
    • To create a community of pedagogical reflection.
    • To provide opportunity and impetus to explore one’s identity as an academic teacher in the theological academy.
    • To develop skills valuable to course implementation.