Learning with Other Faiths

Learning in the Presence of Other Faiths

EL4542, Luther Seminary, Spring 2021

    An exploration of religious education from a Christian perspective while living in a multi-faith world.

    A study in the educational issues raised by living in a world of multiple faiths. The course examines the significance of diverse theological understandings for pastoral practice amid pluralism. The course also considers specific examples of interfaith learning, and the pastoral challenges of supporting interfaith families, as well as engagement with people who do not claim religious identity. Full course (1.0)

    Here is a print version of the syllabus, but please note that any revisions that exist in the online moodle version of the class take precedence over this syllabus.

    There are several resources I will mention during the semester, in addition to the required reading.

    Required reading:

    • A. Davis, ed. Hearing the Call Across Traditions: Readings on Faith and Service (Skylight Paths, 2011)
    • E. Foley, Theological Reflection Across Religious Traditions (Rowman&Littlefield, 2015)
    • P. Knitter, Introducing Theologies of Religion (Orbis Books, 2002)
    • K. Largen, Interreligious Learning and Teaching: A Christian Rationale for Transformative Praxis (Fortress, 2014)

    Recommended reading:

    • S. Bevans and R. Schroeder, Prophetic Dialogue (Orbis Books, 2011)
    • M. Boys, Redeeming Our Sacred Story (Paulist Press, 2013)
    • E. Fernandez, Ed. Teaching for a Multifaith World (Pickwick, 2017)
    • S. Kujawa, God Beyond Borders: Interreligious Learning Among Faith Communities (Cascade, 2014)