Personal/Group Learning

Learning takes place in many ways, on many levels, in many spaces. One thing that I especially want to support in this class is the dynamic dance between learning you do on your own, more individually, and learning you’ll do with colleagues, generally in group settings (both your small group, and the larger group of our entire class).

For now I’m trying to do that with two kinds of assignments. Your more personal learning will come from the reading you do, and your work on beginning to build a Christian education portfolio. The group learning will come as you work with your classmates on “reading” the centerpieces, and sharing in writing a summary of your best insights into them.

Some of you may find that it’s a lot easier to do the reading and much of the portfolio work in advance of the class’s 2nd half of the term start date. Others may discern that doing everything all at once serves them best. I don’t have a strong opinion either way. I want you to search for and find a path through this course that works FOR YOU.