Teaching Learning

Web media resources

An anthropological introduction to YouTube

Will Richardson’s 2.0 links

Creating teacher presence and engaging learning

Did you know? video from YouTube, and its associated links

Lessig’s TED talk on remix culture

Learning to change, changing to learn

Social media revolution

Enterprise 2.0 slide share

I am the Media slide share

A Vision of Students Today

The Machine is Us/ing Us

Information Revolution Youtube video (Everything is Miscellaneous)

Videos on media literacy and tech

Papers and other support

Distance and Blended Learning in Asia (a particularly helpful book on this context)

New Media Literacies Project learning library

Educause 2011 Horizon report

Multi-layered leadership by Scott Cormode in pdf form, or Multi-layered leadership in html form

Various issues of the ATS journal Theological Education (Vol. 41, #1; Vol. 42, #2, Vol. 40, #1)

The white paper on new media literacies written by Henry Jenkins.

The Wabash Journal Teaching Theology and Religion

7 principles for educating the next generation (Innovate online, June/July 2007, 3(5))

The archive of the journal Innovate Online, particularly Vol. 3, #5 and Vol. 4, #2

Evolution of communication/social networking

10 best practices of designing online learning

Adaptability to online learning

Art of powerful questions

Brain-based online learning design

Comparing educational paradigms

Copyright info

Fink on creating significant learning experiences

Deliberative practice

Challenge and opportunity of e-therapy

Implications of epistemological shifts for learning

Flipping classrooms in higher ed

Participation models of citizens and youth online

How higher education faculty are using social media

Rubric for assessing papers

10 Ways to teach innovation

Blogs and other more informal resources

Canadian blogs

Stephen Downes

George Siemens

Darcy Norman

Other blogs

Will Richardson’s current work and his archive of Weblogg-ed

BC Libraries’ blog

Scholarly communications at Duke

Consortium examples

Catholic Distance Learning Network



Wiki playspace for dismantling racism