Spectrum Culture

Culture of institution

<td class=col1>Based on clerical culture</td><td class=col2>Replicated through faculty from higher ed socialization more generally</td><td class=col3> </td><td class=col4>Drawn from a mixture of other institutions</td><td class=col5>Based on energized Web 2.0 (or 3.0?) collaborations, open access, open source, relational and community impact-ful</td>

<td class=col1>Strictly hierarchical, questioning not pertinent or allowed</td><td class=col2>Hierchical structure based on higher ed institutions allows questioning within guild parameters</td><td class=col3>Culture of competition, questions must come from critical perspective</td><td class=col4>”Believing” culture of shared respect, critical questions arise as shared attempts to negotiate meaning and clarify truth</td><td class=col5>Energized, engaged, context of “deconstructive criticism”</td>

<td class=col1>Talk of teaching only in disparaging ways</td><td class=col2>Teaching talk is generally nervous, critical, and for summative purposes</td><td class=col3> </td><td class=col4>Teaching talk begins to be interesting across boundaries, and is formative in nature</td><td class=col5>Teaching talk is generative, shared and energizing</td>

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