Wiki Playspace For Dismantling Racism

Here is a basic page on which we can begin to compile links to videos and other share-able pieces we want to think about for the Twin Cities Theological School Consortium Dismantling Racism work.


Charles Blow’s essay “The Bias Against Black Bodies” in the NYTimes

Tim Wise’s essay on “Choosing Whiteness or Humanity”





Jay Smooth’s work

Kids react to the Cheerios ad controversy

Another Cheerios ad

What kind of Asian are you?

South Park episode “World War Zimmerman”

Coca Cola Superbowl ad “America the Beautiful”

Cracking the code: A trip to the grocery store

Mirrors of privilege: Making whiteness visible


A Time for Burning

Race: The Power of an Illusion

Traces of the Trade

The Doctrine of Discovery


A Many Colored Kingdom: Multicultural Dynamics for Spiritual Formation by E. Conde-Frazier, S. Kang, and G. Parrett (Brazos, 2004),

The Christian Imagination: Theology and the Origins of Race, Jennings (Yale, 2010).

Disrupting White Supremacy from Within: White People on What WE Need to Do, Harvey, et. al. (Pilgrim Press, 2004).

The Church Enslaved, by Tony Campolo and Michael Battle (Fortress, 2005)

White Theology: Outing Supremacy in Modernity, by James. Perkinson (Palgrave MacMillan, 2004)

The Cross and the Lynching Tree, James Cone (Orbis, 2011).

Difficult Conversations by Stone, Patton, Heen and Fisher (Penguin, 2000).

The White Racial Frame, Feagin (Routledge, 2009)