Cleveland, LeBron James, and the Cavs

/ 20 June 2016

I’m sitting here in the warm sunlight of a solstice morning, basking in the afterglow of the NBA finals game from last night. It was a wonderful game, and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The final OMG moment came as they actually won the game — the first team to come back from being down 3-1, to win the series.

But I’m not really a basketball fan, just a fan of this team. So why did the game matter to me? To answer that question, I want to share two videos. They are both commercials for Nike, but they capture a glimpse of what LeBron James means to Cleveland — a city where much of my extended family lives, and my youngest son goes to college. A city which is a hurting, rustbelt, diverse place, and which needs — so much! — something which draws them together. So here are the videos. The first one is my favorite, and was made more than a year ago. The second was just released in the aftermath of last night’s game. Enjoy!