Powerful testimony with powerful faces

/ 16 March 2013

The photographer, iO Tillett Wright, speaks passionately about certain challenges of civil rights in a country that refuses to talk with each other across various divides about GLBTQ issues. She wants to spark empathy with her project Self Evident Truths, which is a project to photograph people across the country.

I think her project is another powerful example of the "human freedom" that context collapse (of the sort Michael Wesch speaks) can evoke, in this instance using photography.

Some brief excerpts of her testimony:

"we seek out environments that reinforce our personal choices" "humanity in the simplicity of face" "treat everyone as you'd treat yourself" "we are all responsible for equality" "human beings are not one-dimensional" "it wasn't that we had too many boxes, it was that we had too few" "where exactly does one become a second class citizen?" "what we see are human beings in all their multiplicity, and seeing them makes it harder to deny their humanity"