Days of Remembrance

/ 17 April 2012

We’re currently in the middle of the National Days of Remembrance, remembering all that occurred during the Holocaust. This year the theme is “choosing to act: stories of rescue.” There are many, many resources available — particularly for communities of faith — and April 19th (Thursday), is a day particularly set aside for this remembering. Take a moment to go to the site, and at least watch their short video. Then share it widely!

This week I have also been remembering -- or, in some cases, learning for the first time -- about the Dakota Uprising. I think we must remember history, or we are doomed to repeat it. And these days I worry that we are more ignorant of our history than ever. This year is the 150th anniversary of the Dakota conflict, and there will be events all over Minnesota. Here in St. Paul, take some time to go to Fort Snelling and learn of the history that occurred there -- the imprisonment of thousands of Dakota women, men, and children. The forced march that led to so many deaths. The mass execution of Dakota men.

This history is extraordinarily painful, but forgetting -- or refusing to learn -- does not make it go away. Only repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation bring healing.

Again, take a moment to listen, to learn and then never to forget.
The Dakota Conflict: Part 2/ Fort Snelling by gradyappleton