Remembering Wounded Knee

/ 29 December 2011

Far too many of us do not know the history of the massacre at Wounded Knee. Today is the anniversary of that infamous event, and we must remember and seek forgiveness.

As Peter d’Errico writes:

Enslavement of black people on one hand and genocide against red people on the other are actually the foundational ‘building blocks’ of the ‘American Empire’: the United States as we know it is built on a foundation of slave labor and Indian land. Is it possible that the current condition of the U.S., with its political gridlock and economic implosion, is actually a result of the historical “evils” at the foundation—that the bloody past is poisoning the present? Is it possible that the only way forward to a free, functioning society is to face the ghosts of the past? In that case, Russia is not the only country whose failure to confront its past threatens to strangle its future.