The Uncommon Core

/ 16 July 2011

Will Richardson, an education and technology blogger whose work I’ve been enjoying for years, has proposed a set of learning objectives he calls the “uncommon core” — that is, things all kids (all of us, perhaps, not just kids) should be learning. I love this list, and recommend his entire post:

  • Living softly on the Earth (Our global impacts.)
  • Gender equality equity (Note #2) (With a particular emphasis on the objectification and sexualization of young girls and women.)
  • Developing expertise (Understanding what it means to go deep intellectually)
  • Public participation (Both online and off)
  • Managing, analyzing, synthesizing and sharing multiple streams of simultaneous information (Thank you NCTE)
  • Physical fitness and health (Real fitness. Real health.)
  • Consumerism and finance (Understanding the systems of money)
  • Networked online learning (And all that goes with that)
  • Reputation management/becoming a trusted source/online safety
  • Participating in a democracy (Online and off)
  • Embracing and learning through change (Too much of schools is about stagnation.) (Added after original posting.)
  • Embracing diversity (Our changing cultural influences)
  • Problem solving and programming solutions </ul> </p>

    He also references Seymour Paper's 8 big ideas of constructivist learning, another list I believe in.