Diverse voices present at Luther

/ 30 September 2010

I think it’s worth noting, in the midst of the conflicts that are present throughout the Lutheran church around sexuality, that at least at Luther Seminary we’re trying to keep multiple voices in the mix. I, for instance, am a strong supporter of gay marriage and have consistently worked to lift up both the theological reasons why this is an essentially conservative position, as well as the pragmatic reasons that exist for supporting it.

Yesterday the Word&World lecture series lifted up a different voice, that of Elizabeth Marquardt. Granted, she was not on campus to speak about gay marriage but rather about divorce and its impact on children -- but her writings and research flow from her convictions.

So let's be clear, especially to all of those people who believe we're only voicing one part of the spectrum at Luther: we highlight multiple voices. Of course, it remains to be seen what our students take away from major public lectures...