Photos from the rallies last weekend

/ 15 September 2009

Eric and Alex made it to the health care rally in St. Paul over the weekend, and Eric has posted photos here. It’s also worth noting that there was a large rally held in DC opposing the Obama administration (not simply the healthcare reforms).

I had been feeling some sympathy for the DC rally, just in terms of their not getting much coverage, because I was remembering the complete lack of coverage of the rally held the weekend after Wellstone's plane went down. I was feeling sympathy, that is, until I took a look at some of the signs people were carrying. Even at the height of our anger against the Bush administration, the protests and vigils I went to didn't get anywhere close to the vitriol spilling out at the DC rally. I think they went in the opposite direction, actually.

This kind of racist craziness makes me embarrassed to be an American, and deeply grateful for the Secret Service trying to protect the President.