ELCA votes yes!

/ 21 August 2009

I can’t refrain from noting that I am deeply pleased and encouraged that the ELCA has just voted positively on the resolutions in front of the church, to allow individual congregations to call pastors who are in same sex committed relationships. I know some wonderful pastoral leaders who may now be able to serve churches!

I must also note that I listened to the debate off and on all day via the web, and was impressed by the honesty and courage of people from multiple sides of this issue who came forward to speak publicly. The commercial media have not paid real attention to the complexity and nuances of this process. I hope that many people tuned into the live webcast to watch a church in prayerful discernment, and I hope that all of us who are in relationship with the ELCA will truly live into "bearing each others' burdens" as we walk into the next few days, months, and years. I know that God will be with us in that process.