Call for repentance of the sin of heterosexism

/ 11 May 2009

The Des Moines Catholic Worker Community has just issued a compelling public statement entitled “A call for the repentance of the sin of heterosexism” (page 8 of the newspaper). Some quotes:

When there is no greater love than that love for which one would lay down one’s life for a friend, love so expressed can only come from God. Where there is love so compelling that one will stay true to that love even when it calls one to leave one’s father and mother and all that was treasured before that love was known, that love can only come from God. When a love triumphs over grave after grave after grave, that love can only come from God. To confess rather than deny before the world the love placed in one’s heart by God though others revile you, persecute you, and say all manner of evil against you for its sake is striking and irrefutable evidence of God and that the words of Jesus are lasting and true.

The trust that God has given to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender daughters and sons has not been misplaced, and this is evidenced by their unfailing witness of love so described. By their fruits, we know them. They have continued to love us, even we didn’t love them, and their labors have led only to a deeper understanding of love, strengthened and expanded communities, reconciliation among the faithful, and a world in which it is easier to love.</blockquote>

The Des Moines Catholic Worker community also has just offered a series on moral courage, which is a wonderful example of adult education! (hat tip to Progressive Catholic Voice)