Ambrose’s law

/ 8 May 2009

I think Pam nails it: <blockquote>“Ambrose’s Law states that you will be called to perform more ministry than you are ready for, under the circumstances that are least likely to happen, which you would least have chosen. For pastors, this is something of a corollary to Murphy’s Law.</blockquote>


*Ambrose*, you might recall, was the guy who ended up baptized, ordained and consecrated as a bishop within one week's time, all because a near-rioting crowd clamored for his leadership. This in a time when being on the wrong side of the theological fence could get you exiled, or worse. (He was a catechumen by choice, at least -- but you'd think his experience might have scared a few of his peers away from Christianity for good). There's a story that will make a girl quit whining.</blockquote>