National Day of Prayer

/ 7 May 2009

TheCorner posted this prayer today, the national day of prayer. I am deeply grateful for the post:

For those who cling hopelessly to the bars of their prison
so that we can walk free

For those who moulder in the darkness
so that we can walk in the sunshine

For those who have had their ribs kicked in
so that we can breathe freely

For those who have been hit in the face
so that we can walk without fear of attack from any hand

For those who have been gagged
so that we can talk aloud

For those whose dignity lies in tatters on the floor of their cell
so that we can walk proudly

For those whose loved ones live in fear
so that ours can live in happiness

For those whose country is in chains
so that ours can be free

And for the jailers
and for their torturers
a thought,
the saddest thought of all :
they are the ones who have suffered the worst mutilation. Salvador de Madariaga</blockquote>

I can't remember who said that one way to pray, is to start working for justice. Consider contributing to the National Religious Campaign Against Torture.