MyCatholicVoice ramping up

/ 6 February 2009

MyCatholicVoice, a website put together as a partnership between a host of Catholic publishing companies, is just beginning to go live. There’s a lot to like about this site: it’s clean, easy to navigate, already has a lot of content, and it promises a lot more.

I will admit to just a twinge of sadness, because a number of the organizations I had hoped would contribute content to have instead decided to go into this venture. But that's not surprising, since this site will likely carry much more traditional, institutional credibility. At the moment it doesn't have social media capability, but it promises to in the future (things like blogs, ability to upload video, etc.).

It's also clearly a site aimed at promoting the materials of the partner publishing companies, and will be selling their content (including video, audio, and other kinds of files). Still, it's worth keeping an eye on this venture, and seeing where it might go.