Obama wins!

/ 5 November 2008

Everyone keeps asking me if I’m happy. I’m not sure happy is the right word? I am deeply relieved, in some inner corner of my heart, that perhaps I can still believe in the process, believe in my country. But the struggles in front of us are no less daunting than they were a day ago — I just have a little bit more hope that change is possible.

YES WE CAN. So now we must.

I think joy might be a better word, because joy is usually also mixed with grief and pain. I think I'm feeling really fragile, actually, because I did not really believe that Obama could win. So I was working and working and working on the campaign knowing somehow that it was good work for the long haul. But now he's won! So I have to actually let a little bit of hope into my heart and think about what else might be possible...

UPDATE: Eric nails it for me. This is how I feel.