Don’t pay attention to the polls, get out and vote

/ 22 October 2008

I have to admit to a fair degree of nervousness lately, with so many national polls looking so good for Sen. Obama. Part of why I’m nervous is that I know how easy it is for people to decide that their vote won’t matter, so why bother to actually go out and cast it (particularly if it’s raining, or the lines are long, or it’s cold, or….)

Here's one analysis of why the polls are wrong and McCain could win. I don't think I agree, but I also know that I'm not an expert on polls. And what if they're right? Your vote may be far more important than you think! So my standard mantra is: ignore the polls, get to the polling places and vote! Let's all say it together: ignore the polls, get out and vote! ignore the polls, get out and vote! ignore the polls, get out and vote!

And don't forget that if you have a little extra time between now and then, you can help OTHER people get out to vote (either through phone calling into states that allow early voting -- check out the Obama site -- or through organizing locally). And on election day we always need people who can help!