Commentary on youth activism

/ 18 October 2008

I’ve missed most of the recent commentaries decrying the lack of youth activism. But here’s an interesting rejoinder, which rings true to what I’ve seen in this election cycle. An excerpt to whet your interest:

You see, Millennials have to be collaborative, pragmatic, and conversational activists in order to make any progress, and this is, in part, due to the Baby Boomers' ideological inflexibility. If Millennials were to get into tactical wars with Boomers, the temperamental sensitivities of the elder generation would preclude them from agreeing to relinquish any decision-making power at all, because of hurt feelings. We've seen it all our lives on the national political stage, so we know it's true. Millennials, instead, have to be strategic in how they go about handling conflicts. Khoury himself speaks to this: "'The best thing is to always speak your mind, but always do it in a professional manner,' he said. 'Don't speak just to speak. If you cry wolf, people won't listen to you anymore.'