The police state of St. Paul/Minneapolis?

/ 1 September 2008

We didn’t make it to the anti-war protest today. Nathaniel and Eric are recovering from pneumonia, and it looks like Alex is coming down with it (fever of 103.2 this afternoon, and bad coughing). Today is the first day that Nathaniel’s felt well enough for football practice (he’s been out for three weeks), and Eric came home from the field with Nathaniel talking about the huge and inexplicable police presence over by 35E. Here’s a post that points out some of what’s been happening today. You can also follow it via Indymedia.

UPDATE: Amy Goodman was also arrested this afternoon, as she tried to inform the police that two of her producers were reporting on the events, not inciting them. I wonder if our police force has any idea what they've done in arresting her? She's someone with national presence and media connections (being a journalist herself).