More on Sarah Palin

/ 29 August 2008

I think I’m finally beginning to sort through some of how I feel about Sen. McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin: deeply worried for her, and angry with him.

As the parent of a child with special needs I know something about how difficult the early years can be. Gov. Palin's son isn't even six months old yet. The challenges in front of her and her family, raising a child with special needs, are difficult and enormously stressful. Add to that that her eldest is going off to Iraq, and it's hard to imagine what provoked her to accept. But even more so, I can't fathom why Sen. McCain would put such a difficult choice in front of her. Or does he really not expect his VP to do anything but look pretty?

Apparently she's a quite talented politician. I pray that she can find some way to stay grounded with her family in the middle of all of this. Quite apart from all of the partisan stuff, I really do pray for her and her family in this maelstrom.