Kelly Fryer on “The One” ad

/ 20 August 2008

Kelly Fryer has a GREAT reflection on the recent McCain ad “The One.” Her whole post is worth reading, but here’s a taste:

So all they can do is poke fun and count on us being so embarrassed by our own sense of hope - I mean, what is more uncool than being all hopeful?!? - that we'll, well, just stop doing it. Their only chance of winning is if we decide to slink back to our self-absorbed, fear-filled, terror-ized lives --- allow ourselves to become consumed again with what "those" people (i.e., muslims, gays, people who kill babies, immigrants from anywhere except Europe (even Eastern Europe is ok because at least they're sort of white), the ACLU, moms on welfare, Hollywood stars, Al Gore and his stupid powerpoint slides, etc., etc., etc.) might be doing to screw up our lives and the world --- and stop sending so much *#%& money over the internet to support the guy we think might help us make the difference.

The McCain campaign's only hope is to take away ours.