Archdiocese videotapes women’s ordination

/ 10 July 2008

Well isn’t this interesting? The Archdiocese of St. Louis, MO went to the trouble of having the women’s ordination celebration there back in November videotaped, and then used the videotape as part of the evidence against Sr. Louise Lears — who was simply attending the event — in their effort to strip her of all ministerial functions in the archdiocese.

I can't help wondering: when has an archdiocese attempted to videotape a priest who is acting out? Consider all of the priests who have been convicted of child sexual abuse. Or consider all of them who have behaved improperly with women in their parishes. When did an archdiocesan office go to the trouble of videotaping these priests as an attempt to deal with them?

The news reports suggest that Sr. Louise Lears was not in any way attempting to hide her presence at the event. If the St. Louis celebration was at all like the one I attended in Minneapolis last September, I hope that the diocesan authorities who watched the video caught a glimpse of the hope, joy and faithfulness to be found amongst a community gathered to celebrate vocation.