The joy of press interviews

/ 28 May 2008

Last week I spent nearly half an hour on the phone with a reporter from the Boston Globe who was working on a story in relation to Andover Newton’s brand new push to integrate various kinds of technology into their teaching and learning.

One of the things I spent a fair amount of time talking with him about was the role of Web 2.0 technologies, and the need to understand how deeply participatory and collaborative such digital tools could be; and consequently that rather than marking distinctions in technology use between "liberal" and "conservative" churches by whether or not they used technology in preaching and worship (the stereotype being that the former do not, and the latter do a lot), the important distinction has to do with HOW digital tech is used (instrumentally or expressively), and to what extent and how it builds relationality.

Well, the story appears today, and you will notice that there is not even the slightest mention of web 2.0 elements. I'm not that thrilled with the quotation he used, but I'm sure I was fairly quoted. It's just hard to have the whole of what you are talking about reduced to a few condensed sentences that fit a preconceived idea. I have to admit, I much prefer the web!