Yes! My thoughts, too

/ 21 February 2008

Discipleshipcoach gets it right, I think:

People are excited to get involved in politics now, because Obama knows that action doesn't happen through partisan politics by people in Washington, but rather people in Washington are swayed by the energy of a movement in which their consitituents participate. For example, Abraham Lincoln was reluctant to take on the slavery issue but he later gave voice to the abolitionist movement that preceded him to bring about change. Likewise, Lyndon Johnson resisted the civil rights movement but was persuaded in his presidency by the movement that preceded him to take on the cause himself. Now our generation has the same opportunity to elect a President who symbolizes the grassroots movement to change the way America has been governed from Richard Nixon through George W. Bush.

That's why this election is historic, not just because Obama could be the first black president, but that he could be one of the few presidents ever to unite a working majority of Americans to participate in their government. We've learned not to trust the system that sends politicians to Washington who will fail on their own to give us health care, end an unjust war, invigorate the economy with green collar jobs for alternative energy that will also improve our national security, and overcome the partisan politics that divides us as a nation. Instead, we've come to see that these goals will only be realized by us taking ownership of the task and getting to work in our government to bring the change we seek. Obama defines how he will govern as President by this principle.


It IS that words matter, and they matter because of their ability to help fashion a movement.