Marriage love

/ 18 February 2008

SunflowerChalice shares a lovely reflection he gave recently at a celebration for people married 50 years or longer. Among other thoughts, he noted:

"I tell you this story because what can I tell you, who have been married more than three times as long as I have, about marriage? I could tell you about loving each other in sickness and health because I’ve taken care of my wife after surgery and she’s taken care of me through a serious bout of depression, but we’re too young to have taken care of each other through growing old together and multiple ailments all at once. I could tell you about raising a family, but my family’s only half-raised. I could tell you about having and holding each other, but that would be like listening to the cowboy who hasn’t yet left the chute on his bull, whereas you could tell me about how your grip tightens and loosens and how to hold on for the entire ride.

I could say a lot of things, but this is another one of those brilliant times in ministry where you set out to serve and discover that you are the one being ministered to – you see I could say a lot about marriage, but you, celebrating your 50th anniversaries are the real ministers here, the real teachers. Your presence is an example of loyalty and love and grace. And I am blessed to be in your presence, hearing the sermon of your lived example."