Obama continues to win

/ 13 February 2008

So another few victories last evening! But a long, hard slog still ahead. I think it’s really important for those of us who care about Obama’s candidacy to remember that he’s certainly not won this yet, and that Clinton is also a really strong candidate — particularly in states like Ohio and Texas, where she is pouring her energies right now. If you’re interested in being involved, there are ways to do so, without going to those states. (And I have to say: I’m already lobbying all of my family and friends in Wisconsin!)

Here's the wonderful news: we have two really excellent candidates who are pulling out so many voters that polling places and caucus sites are overwhelmed. This bodes well for November.

Meanwhile, a few more useful pieces in consideration of Obama. An analysis of how the Republicans might choose to run their campaign, if he's the nominee. And then, reprise (because I linked to it but hadn't watched it until Eric prodded me) to this really thoughtful and powerful speech Obama gave back in 2006 about faith and politics. It's long -- 40 minutes or so -- so you'll need some time to take a look at it, but it's really good.