Electronic searches at airports

/ 7 February 2008

I was aghast the first time Eric told me about this. In fact, I’m nearly speechless at the audacity of this attempt on our government’s part to “protect” us. In the name of homeland security you might well be asked to hand over your laptop or other electronic device at a US border so that they can copy all of the data.

Hasn't our government heard of "unreasonable search and seizure"?!?

As the article in the Washington Post points out:

"If the government's position on searches of electronic files is upheld, new risks will confront anyone who crosses the border with a laptop or other device, said Mark Rasch, a technology security expert with FTI Consulting and a former federal prosecutor. "Your kid can be arrested because they can't prove the songs they downloaded to their iPod were legally downloaded," he said. "Lawyers run the risk of exposing sensitive information about their client. Trade secrets can be exposed to customs agents with no limit on what they can do with it. Journalists can expose sources, all because they have the audacity to cross an invisible line.""

Go and join the Electronic Frontier Foundation now. Go directly to EFF. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, just get there!