Racial equity in MN

/ 1 February 2008

This is a depressing report to read. But it’s a crucial one! Every person committed to responding to the call of Jesus to love — actually every one of us who lives in Minnesota, irregardless of faith — needs to respond to this report. I’m particularly struck by this comment:

"Whether intended or not, the decline in public investment in equity and opportunity is directly aligned with the rise in racial diversity in the state. This is not unique to us. Nationally, economists and social scientists have documented a strong relationship between diversifying communities and shifts in public spending. Simply put, “as diversity rises, public spending falls—of all types, including education, health care, roads or welfare programs."

And by this conclusion:

"Undermining public investment in education, workforce development and health care is a sign that our infrastructure is being dismantled, which means that our future prosperity is at stake. We are failing to defend and expand the good life for all of our communities, particularly our growing communities of color. Clearly, without explicit attention and commitment to racial equity, state spending will not only fail to strengthen the institutions that we all need for shared prosperity. They will also fail to anticipate unequal outcomes and actually reinforce the racial fault line."