Pictures from Iran

/ 21 October 2007

Here are some pictures of Teheran, Iran — the kind of pictures we never see in the US. I wonder: if “we” (in this case I mean white, middle class US folk) saw the extent to which Iran looks “like us,” would we be as able to turn them into “the enemy”? Given how our own energy hogging creates a desire to up our consumption of nuclear energy (a very bad idea, by the way) must we discredit EVERY aspect of the Iranian nuclear program? Or is it possible to imagine that they might actually ALSO want a stable source of energy? I think nuclear power is a VERY BAD IDEA no matter what. But can you hear the hypocrisy in an administration that is pushing more nuclear power here in the US, but refusing to accept that other countries might also want it? I get that those same countries might also gain weaponry that way. I actually think we should ALL give up ANY KIND of nuclear capacities. But listen carefully to the Bush rhetoric these days: war is marching on….