Open and Out at Luther

/ 30 September 2007

SarcasticLutheran wonders “where are all the queers” at Luther Seminary?

"I've been at Luther Seminary for 3 weeks now and have yet to meet an out GLBTQ person. Um, I know they have to be here somewhere. It's so weird to be in an environment where it is apparently not safe to be out. It's making me deeply sad actually."

It makes me sad, too, and further makes me wonder what's up this term? I haven't been on campus much since last January (due to being on sabbatical), so perhaps things have gotten even harder for the GLBT community? Still, usually there are at least some people who are willing to be "visible" so that other people can find them. It makes me think that this year's National Coming Out Day (October 11) will be even more important than usual at our place.

And further reminds me that it's all the most important for allies to be VERY VISIBLE and concrete in our actions in support of gay rights. It must be past time to step up again at Luther, and remind people that they're not alone.