Media literacy rubrics

/ 22 September 2007

One of the other tasks I’m preparing is a workshop for a Catholic education conference in a couple of weeks on media literacy in the language arts. I need to collect a number of useful websites, so this post will serve as the gathering place:

the Minnesota Educational Media Organization’s standards on information and technology literacy

Links to various academic standards in the arts (which includes the media arts)

the media arts standards themselves

free downloads of curriculum materials on various topics

a wonderful high school media literacy course available for use

the Childrey, Youth and Family consortium “take charge of your TV” materials from the U of MN

Project Look Sharp, which has tons of free curriculum materials

12 basic principles for incorporating media literacy into a curriculum

the Media Spot (media literacy through collaborative production)

Minnesota Community Television (list of communities with public access television centers)

the Minneapolis Television Network (including youth training workshops)

Suburban Community Channels (public access television for the ‘burbs)

Town Square Television (north Dakota county)

the St. Paul Neighborhood Network and Set it Up!

the Twin Cities Youth Media Network