Rick Warren on learning

/ 30 April 2007

Here’s a quick quote from a blogpost that covers a talk Rick Warren gave recently:

"The key to engaging culture is humility, integrity, generosity, civility, clarity (simplicity).

The reason we have not engaged culture is because of our arrogance. Humility is not denying our strengths, but being honest about our weakness. Humility is teachability. If you can’t learn from other people, you have an ego problem. “I didn’t come here to speak, I came to learn.”

I learn from critics, enemies, people who don’t like me, churches that are larger than Saddleback, and some that are smaller. Most of the ideas that I have now are the same ones that I’ve had since I was 25. Humility is the willingness to learn."

I realize that Warren is a controversial figure in mainline seminaries, but I wholeheartedly agree with his statements here -- humility is the willingness to learn, and I'd add, learning is at the heart of discipleship.