Plan now to hit the streets

/ 14 April 2007

I suspect that readers of this blog may be tired of my pointing off to the persistent warnings about Bush’s plans to attack Iran. It hasn’t happened yet — we made it through Good Friday, for instance — but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still in the planning. The New Yorker’s Seymour Hersh has been writing about the plans for months now, and here in Europe you can find frequent news reports and commentary, such as this one by John Pilger in yesterday’s Guardian.

I think that it's past time for us to begin planning, each one of us, what we'll do when the attack comes. Sign the petitions now, write to your congresspeople, but then figure out where the prayer vigils will be in your hometown, connect with your neighbors and your extended family and plan a way to "step out" and note that it can not be business as usual. If Bush can plan for war, we can plan to stop it, and that's the best way not to feel powerless in the face of such idiocy.